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Senior R&D Engineer at nextAuth, a spin-off coming from the COSIC research group at KU Leuven. In this position, I work on securely implementing innovative authentication technologies, primarily the Go-based backend services as well as our iOS apps and components. As we’re a small startup, I am also responsible for driving CI/CD efforts and helping ensure that our self-hosted infrastructure purrs along happily.

I previously obtained my Ph.D. in applied cryptography and systems security at the same research group, supervised by Ingrid Verbauwhede. My dissertation work focused on trusted computing architectures and hardware-software co-design, designing and building strong protection mechanisms rooted in hardware.

In my free time, I love to go out for an occasional walk, but particularly love multi-day mountain hikes 🏔. I do have to admit that you’re also likely to find me in front of the TV watching a good movie or the latest show. Some friends and I also run Student IT, a nonprofit which offers IT services to student organisations. Finally, I like tinkering with computers outside of work too (though it’s not always appreciated when I accidentally break our Internet 😉).